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The time has come to vote! November 4th is election day here is the U.S., and this will be one of the closest elections ever. So, fellow Armor Gamers, I ask you to vote: will you keep Obama as president, elect Romney, or vote for a different candidate? You may place your votes starting at 12:00 AM on November 4, AG time. The voting ends at 11:59 PM the same day. You may only vote once, and I will not count votes that are not within the acceptable time frames. After the voting, I will publish the results, and we will see who AG chooses as the president of the United States! You do not need to be an American to vote. Also, as much as I'd like all of you to vote for Tactical_Fish, your vote must be for someone who is actually running for president. Polls open in a few hours, and the election will begin!

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