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I've contemplated putting this into the MMO section because evony is an MMO game, but then decided against it and put this in the Game Guide section because this is a guide

Everything you are about to read is written and thought of by myself. This game guide was originally on the evony forums, but the account that made the guide there is mine (DesertFox) so I've decided to bring it over to AG too.

This is a non-coining guide made over one year ago so it may not be 100% accurate, but it is still pretty good. This guide won't make you a master of the game or unconquerable, however it will make you more informed on this game if you're new to Evony Age I.

Evony (formerly known as Civony) is an Adobe Flash-based multiplayer online game with graphic elements reminiscent of Civilization. The game is set in medieval times, where a player is to establish a city, begin developing various technologies, and build supporting structures and alliances to generate armies and resources for the purpose of attacking other players and in-game opponents. This game is F2P, but you can also P2P. P2P players are harder to beat, but not impossible. If someone says this game is impossible to play F2P it is because they're not skilled at evony, I know this game and have played F2P and P2P, meanwhile P2P is a huge advantage, the players who P2P are not invincible.


Day I
The city and town have just been created, you chose your state, flag name, and player name. Now it's time to play the game!

0) Open and apply chests in 'My Items' under the 'Chest' tab.
1) One cottage to lvl 2 (to build buildings you simply click on an empty square and a list of buildings will pop up, click the cottage). To level up a cottage click on a pre-existing cottage.
2) Rally spot to lvl 1.
3) Barracks to lvl 1.
4) Go to city, and build one of each fields to lvl 1.
5) Collect quests.
6) Build one inn to lvl 1.
7) Build one FH to lvl 1 (FH is Feasting Hall).
8) Create one market place.
8a) Don't use a speed up, do the hero quests, collect quest rewards after each quest in hero recruitment.
8b) Go to inn and recruit hero.
8c) Collect quest reward.
8d) Go to FH, then go to the appoint mayor tab and appoint any mayor for quest.
8e) Collect quest award.
8f) Redistribute hero exp in FH by clicking your hero's name, then click redistribute.
8g) Collect quest award.
8h) Apply hero hunting.
8i) Collect quest award.
9) Assign labor force by going to TH, (town hall) production tab, and then put in 100% where it shows 80% on EVERYTHING.
9a) Collect quest award.
9b) Adjust Tax Rate by going to TH, Tax Rate tab, and put in 20 where it says 10.
9c) Collect quest award.
9d) Rename city by going back to TH, (yet again) Rename City tab, and type down anything you want under eleven letters long (because ten is max).
9e) Collect quest award.
9f) Rename your flag by clicking on your avatar's head, click change beside flag and again put in something you like under five letters long (because four is longest).
9g) Collect quest award.
10) Lvl up TH to lvl 2 (use speedups if you want, but it is suggested to save it for when you mass build a lot of barracks, or cottages that take 10-25 minutes each).

*note* From now on collect quest awards when possible and spin your amulets on wheel of fortune if you haven't already (it's on the bottom left of your town/city screen where the construction time is).

11) Do the correspondence quest by mailing a player, click anyones name and then press the write button on the list that pops up. Say anything you want.
12) Speak in begginer's chat, say what you want.
13) Make an academy to lvl 1.
13a) Click on the academy and upgrade anything you can.
13b) Try and get everything in academy to lvl 1 if you can.
13c) Lvl up academy to lvl 2.
14) Make an embassy to lvl 1.
15) Make a BT to lvl 1 (beacon tower).
15a) Make BT to lvl 2 next.
16) Make a forge and workshop to lvl 1 (but complete their requirements first, it'll say them when you try to build them).
17) Upgrade wall to lvl 1.
18) Keep doing the market place quest by clicking market place and sell your resources.
19) Do the same step as 18) except buy resources not sell.
20) Build warehouse to lvl 1 (then immediately destroy it, theres a red circle in the warehouse build menu in the warehouse picture).
21) Get a sawmill that you've already made to lvl 2.

*Note* The warehouse is for quest and not important.

22) Build 10 traps, then after completion I suggest you scrap them for resources because later on when you start on wall defenses building those will take little out of your resource stash.
23) BT to lvl 2 (use a begginer guideline if you haven't).
24) Barracks to lvl 2.
25) Upgrade TH to lvl 3

*Note* Don't forget about collecting quests.

27) Collect Package for Lords in the Chest tab.
28) Apply Junior Medal Box.

*Note* If you get battalions from Amulet DO NOT APPLY UNTIL YOU know you can afford it, if your questioning whether you can or can't afford it, then you porbably can't.

29) BT to lvl 3 .
30) Walls to lvl 2 (if not enough resources buy some with game coins in the get more resources area, which is located by your resource amount).
31) TH to lvl 4.
32) Academy to lvl 4.
33) Build 10 abatis in your wall defenses then scrap after quest for resources if lacking resources and in desperate need (following my steps you shouldn't be).
34) Inn to lvl 3, FH to lvl 3, try to get three heros, one with a high intel (intelligence), one with a high att (attack), and one with a high poli, (politics) 60-75 is considered high on day one. Buy and dissmiss heros until this goal has been reached or use hero hunting. Next appoint a mayor who is an intel hero when doing academic things (reduces the construction time of academic things), a poli hero when building buildings (or wall defences) for the same reason you would an intel hero, and appoint an attack hero when making troops.

*Note* More hero discussion at bottom of page

35) With all remaining resources attack the city fields and make as many fields as possible, with food production minimal, iron/stone production equal, and wood 1.5 or 2 times as much as all else, seeing as how it's only day one so far (eventually you will scrap all fields so that only one type of field is in your city, but that info is probably in other guides, so please look there for this info, because I think someone else can properly explain it more thoroughly than I). Make 3 columns for wood production, 3 columns for iron production, 1 column for stone production, and one column for food production.

*Note* Please note that you should create NO MORE then 9 cottages.

Day 2


1) Wall to lvl 3.
2) BT to lvl 4.
3) Academy to lvl 5 (try to get lvl 3 archery today for ATs later, aka Archer Towers).
4) Rest of resources to be used in fields, then before you goto sleep/work/school/a hobby etc... Lvl up something like BT because it's needed for success in defending enemy attacks.

Day 3


1 + 2) Try and get your BT and academy up at least once per day (stop academy at lvl 6-7).
3) All resources to be spent on barracks, you should have at least 12 barracks, and get them all to lvl 4-5 that day depending how much speed ups/time you have (try to be on alot that day).

Day 4

1) Lvl up BT again.
2) Finish up all barracks to lvl 4-5, and try to get one or two to lvl 8-9.
3) Touch up your city upgrading things as you see fit.
4) Lvl up fields in city.

Day 5

1) Lvl up BT again.
2) ALL remaining resources to be spent on troops today (at least 5k scouts).
3) Try to get a rainbow, of 100 of each troop up to cav (phracts if your tech aka academic stuff is good enough).
4) Then mass build warriors with remaining resources.

Day 6

1) Lvl up BT again (this should get it to 8-9) resources permitting.
2) Today is for wall defenses try and get 100 traps and 1k abatis (this early into game is to early for a CD (compact defense) I believe).

*Note* The wall defenses will never be agreed upon by everyone

3) All the rest goes to ATs (archer tower's for those of you who forgot)

Day 7 (last 24hrs of Begginer Protection ends)


1) Try to get 20k warr (warriors) today.
2) Try to get 3k arch (archers) today.
3) If possible start on ballistaes today.
4) Try and get your ballistae and phract techs completed today, if not already completed

*Note* I will not be saying what ballistaes are for or how to use them, there are enough guides on it by more apt people.

*Beware that while using this method you will achieve about 30k prestige, that is a reasonable amount for the first 7 days, but very advanced players that are F2P can achieve up to 100k prestige in the first 7 days.

NPC Farming Guide

Hero information:

If your hero is a lvl 1 with 70 att, he is better than a lvl 10 with 75 attack because he's easier to lvl up (goto a different guide on info about how to lvl up heros).

If your hero has 60 poli, 55 att, 40 intel, redistribute his stats till most of it is in poli OR (not and) att.

When attacking players if you lose you will have a chance of losing your hero, so when sending attacks to destroy other players layers, honor dumping, SR attacking send bad heros you don't mind losing.

The lvl of importance for heros early on is. 1st a poli hero, then an attack hero and lastly an intel hero.

*Note* If anyone has any information that they think may help this thread PM/VM me or say it here and I'll add it to this post if I like it

Please don't flame on this thread because I know these probably aren't the best methods out there, I just made this to help the newer players.

This is my guide on how to make a basic begginer city early on, I did not include information about second cities because I'm not satisfied with my information on how to best make them yet. All of this is what I have learnt and done. I also did not try to explain any alliance info because I think it would be best if people learnt that on their own.

Disclaimer: All this information I have learnt nearly by myself, sure other threads have stated some of this material but I have not intentionally gone about looking at other threads for my info. All this is what I have learnt and done.

A second Disclaimer: This guide was made well over a year ago, and was simply copy-pasted from, from a thread I created, and a comment I made. The grammar in this thread is probably a little questionable, and might be a little outdated, but it should still serve you well enough.

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