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Not all Americans are enthralled with obama.
According to a news article published online by World News Daily (WND), The residents of Louisiana have started a petition to peacefully secede from the U.S. and form their own government. The petition was started on November 7 of this year, the day after the election.
(Now I'm going to opine a bit.)
While it causes me great pain to see America in the sorry state it's in now, and an act(s) of secession would only intensify the situation, this may be what needs to happen. I love my country and desperately want to see it return to its former glory, but the current regime has taken conditions ranging from fair to poor and exacerbated them to such an extent that the national condition is in a rapidly worsening state of untenability for all involved. The people of Louisiana realize this and are acting accordingly.
I believe that if obama actually cares for this nation like he says he does (which personally I doubt strongly), he would take this new development as a sign that he and the rest of the regime need to reverse their actions and/or resign. If he doesn't, it is likely that this will be the first of many cases of Americans separating themselves from a government that is no longer Of, By, and For The People but rather seeks to enslave them with government dependancy and weakens the nation on the foreign and domestic fronts.

America is dying, people. Something has to be done in short order, or America will be consigned to the ash-heap of history as a great nation that forsook its own ideals and killed itself from within. And I can't stand the thought of that happening.
All of you who believe in God or prayer, please say an extra prayer for the nation tonight.

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