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This thread isn't to discuss these ideas, most of them have their own recent threads, so search for those. I just thought it would be appropriate to make a comprehensive list of all the popular/most requested ideas for the users and staff to see.


- Rewarded for completing certain things in flash games - example: complete Exit Path single player, 5 points
- Kongregate style: Easy, medium, hard, with points increasing with each difficulty
- Unlock game based armatars - there were some in the beta, but we didn't have to unlock them

Armor points:

- Armor points coming for achievements and game ratings, or solely for achievements
- Reputation not tied with armor points, reputation is for community participation
- Game ratings changed to 1 point instead of 2 and a limit on how many you can rate

Live chat:

- Chats located on its own page
- Chat mods
- Public and private chat option located on same chat window; you'll be able to talk in public with others and click on someone's name to private chat
- Mute/ignore option


- Up/down vote system similar to sites like YouTube and Imgur
- Only up vote along with advanced flagging
- If merits are kept, when a comment receives a certain amount of reputation it alerts a moderator

Forum features:

- Edit post and thread title option unless thread is locked
- Preview post and thread
- Signatures
- Subscribe to threads; alerted to new posts in threads you've subscribed to
- Search bar able to search for threads, edit criteria so it only searches for threads
- Mods can see flagged posts


- New armatars, game based, etc
- Custom armatars; able to upload your own pictures - has been declined for now but still a popular idea
- Access to old seasonal/holiday armatars, possibly at by reaching certain amounts of armor points


- Forum for clans
- Hierarchy system: Someone creates a clan and they appoint the positions
- Clan search system; sort by popular, hot, new, etc
- Able to request to join clans

Other popular ideas:

- Able to change username: Option available every three or so months and old username(s) are displayed on your profile, you can change back to your old username within a month of changing it, but after that it's up for grabs by others

- Private messages, was in the beta
- Mutual friending, like Facebook, was in the beta
- Follow option; in the beta we could send friend requests or follow the user, we would be alerted to what they did - most useful to keep track of developers
- Mute/ignore users, when you mute/ignore a user you don't see their messages anywhere, not able to mute/ignore mods or admins

- Flag user on profiles
- Show friends online/offline when you go to the friends section in the control panel
- Able to comment on comments: Similar to Facebook, where you post something and others can comment on/about it; only on profiles
- Other site layouts, we had a few options for this in the beta
- Translate ArmorGames into other languages, was in the beta

- More medieval ranks; two links.
- Random games; there used to be a random games button, removed for some reason
- Able to change ratings on games, was in the beta
- Sorting game comments; popular, new, etc
- Notified when someone sends you a message, was in the beta

- Able to search for usernames in the search bar, was in the beta
- Able to click on forum posts, comments, merits, and game ratings on profiles to see a list of them

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