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Know Who You Are!

How Much AP?

100 and less: A Poor
500: A Wonderful
1000: A Tangible
2000: A Crying
3000: A Dying
4000: A Loving
5000: An Undead
6000: An Excited
7000: A Dominant
8000: A Big
9000: A Quiet
10000: A Red
12000: A Sick
14000: A Famished
15000+: An Electronic

How Much Game Rated ?

10 and less : Wolf
20: Goblins
30: Djinn
40: Spirit Of Nature
50: Dog
60: Ghost
70: Troll
80: Ankou
90: Scarecrow
100: Angel
125: Basilic
150: Banshee
175: Cyclop
200: Faun
250: Golem
300: Ghoul
350: Hydra
400: Kraken
450: Ljiraq
500: Dragon
600: Jörmungand
700: Kitsune
800: Licorn
900: Leprechaun
1000: Werewolf
1100: Wendigo
1200: Fairy
1300: Fenrir
1400: Orc
1500: Thunder Bird
1700: Pegase
1900: Rusalka
2000: Satyr
2300: Skvader
2500: Sphinx
2700: Succuby
2900: Sylph
3300: Lindworm
3700 and more: Wyvern

How Much Comments?

10 and less : Is Getting Ate
50: Is Opening His Eyes
75: Is Running Slowly
125: Is Greeting My Best Friend
175: Is In Love With A Wolf
250: Is Hacking My Computer.
300: Is Playing World Of Warcraft
350: Is Making A Trip In Russia
400: Is Standing On The Empire State Building
450: Is Participating To The Armageddon
500: Is Sinking In The Pacific Ocean.
550: Is Solving A Puzzle.
600: Is Burning Of Rage
700: Is Trying To Get A Nintendo Wii.
800: Is in Lack Of Air On Mars.
900: Is Protecting My Soul.
1000: Is Writing A Comment On Asherlee Profile.
1200: Is Rating The Game '' Retron ''.
1400: Is Playing '' Curse Village ''.
1600: Is Earning A Merit.
1800: Is Asking A Clock For Christmas.
2000: Is Passing On Good Morning America.
2500: Is Lying To His Mother.
3000: Is Eating A Bunny.
3500: Is Climbing On The Throne.
4000: Is Fighting Like A Boss.
5000: Is Touching A Rat.
6000: Is Wearing A Tuxedo.
7000: Is Learning Spanish.
8000: Is Stuck On A Math Problem.
9000: Is Joking.
10000: Is Making A Hug To My Grand-Mother.
15000: Is Yawning In Class.
20000 and More : Is Having Respect.

What Did It Done?

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A Crying Dragon Is Sinking In The Pacific Ocean.

Well... This is what I got.

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I found this in the Forum Games when I posted in did you move it in here after I posted? Mind...hurting...*gasp* tis be cause you ninja...I gots it

Mods and admins have the ability to move a thread that is placed incorrectly.


By AP: 7000=A Dominant (I have 7295)
By Ratings: 1100=Wendigo (I have 1120)
By Comments: 1200=Is Rating The Game "Retron" (I have 1272)


A Dominant Wendigo Is Rating The Game "Retron".

And I don't see the point of this thread.
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And I don't see the point of this thread.

Geez. It's for fun.. A forum game
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Mods and admins have the ability to move a thread that is placed incorrectly.

I think he knows that already Patrick. Maybe re-read his entire post.

Geez. It's for fun.. A forum game

It's not really a game... All you do is figure out what you are... No excitement, nothing. After all the active users comment here, the thread will die, and will be swept away into the dusty archives.
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im an undead ghoul writing a comment on usherlees profile.... i wish i was something more awsome :/

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