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Everyone loves the internet but sometimes you just want to rant. I'm in that sort of mood now and I'm sure other people are sometimes too. I've cooled off now (I'm righting this after I wrote the rant) but I just need to post it.

If there's one thing I hate about the internet is arguing. It's the most mindless sort of talk that happens everywhere and most of the time it is completely pointless and unnecessary. Before you start an argument you have to know one thing. No matter what you say, even if you completely destroy their argument, even if you make them look like a fool... they will never say my username. Sure that happens in real life too, but on the internet it seems that there is an invisible barrier where you can be as stupid as you want and make the most strange accusations without anyone saying, "Wait a minute, I didn't even talk at all about the argument". It frustrates me how both people go out of an argument thinking that they've won the argument and the only way they will admit they were wrong is by making some stupid excuse. ("LOL YOU GOT TROLLED!", "U MAD BRO!&quot even when they were being serious when trying to win the argument.

That's another thing; winning an argument. How do you win an argument on the internet? The same way you win a rap battle; insults. The more you insult, the more you win, (Eg. "Look, I hate tolerating mindless idiots like you but to be honest, I just can't help point out your stupidity). BAM! That guy thinks he has one the argument immediately. No matter what he says after that, unless you come up with a better insult (That makes you lose dignity) you feel like you are somewhat lower than the person you are talking to.

And then there is people that avoid questions that are in the post and instead focus on something minor and insignificant.

Person 1: " Im pretty sure Obama has not killed 6 billion people. I don't even think there is 6 billion people on this earth"

Person 2: "YOU CAN'T EVEN type I'M. If you can't use punctuation than you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Also, there is 6000000001 people on earth so I'm right."

Person 1: "So you're saying 5 years ago there was 12 billion people on earth and that Obama killed half of them? You didn't answer my question.


Person 1 messed up a couple of facts and figures but person 2 has completely avoided the area which he was wrong and yet he still thinks he's won. It makes no sense!

ARGHHHGHGHGHGHGHG! *rage internetz quitz*

But seriously, I've been meaning to post this for a while. It's half the reason I have my username.

What makes you hate the internet? I would like to know. It doesn't have to be a rant like mine.

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