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Ever felt like life was just kicking you in the nuts?
-Because I sure have.. Especially the past couple of days.

(You don't have to necessarily have nuts to participate in this topic, fyi..)

So it all started when I was brought to the attention of the fact that the bills could no longer be payed. After 8 years of living in the same place without ever thinking about it, I'm probably going to lose the house. So there's that. Now after finally getting my mind off of the money problems again.. I realized I've been getting really bad grades from my studies recently. That's never good, better work harder, I thought. But moved on.. Now, I live pretty far from where I go to study.. So I took several buses to get back to the home I barely still own. Of course, as I often do, I slept on the bus on the way back. When I woke up, I noticed that I'm way past the stop I was supposed to get off on. After a long time, I finally got myself back home. I was exhausted. I put my hands in my pockets to take out my iPod before I take off my jacket. That's when the final blow to the nuts was received. My fairly pricy iPod had fallen out of my jacket pocket and was most likely laying on one of the seats of the several buses I had taken to get home, if It hadn't already been stolen.

Now I realize some people have it way worse than I do, this isn't something that I can't get over.. But it certainly feels like life is simply kicking me, in my privates, if you will. just thought I could let off some steam by way of writing to anonymous Armor Gamers.. Now if you have any similar experiences, I would be happy to read them if I still have a computer.. Thanks.

Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes and such, I'm pretty tired at the time of making this.. As you might understand.

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