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I noticed there was a post about 'the bad of your country', why be so pessimistic? Let's celibate the success of our countries!

What I like about my country is that Britain has a great mixture of the past and present. You can walk from Buckingham Palace to a night club. The cities are full of life but you still have the rolling hills of the Great British countryside.

I'm also proud of Britain's history, from a tiny island conquered by the French which later became the World's first super power, ruled by an elected government and started the industrial revolution. But in the 60s we reformed socially to become quite a liberal country where homosexuals and all faiths were free of prosecution.

I may have rambled a bit and don't expect anyone to write an essay or anything, but you get the picture.

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I'm not that proud of my country at the moment, because It's not what it can be,
But I like that America has the Google guys and Neil degrasse Tyson and innovative people like that. I guess the wouldn't be who they are if they where born in another 70% of the world.

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Israel as so many good things in it...

First, we are the holy land! All the bible is here, all the places and sites. From the western wall to jesus grave to Al-Aqsa.

Secondly, and somewhat related to the first subject - there is a rich history. Everywher. from the British mandate to the Crusade kingdomes, From Napoleon to the the eygeptian, So many peoples conquered this place and left something behind {well, exept the Monglos}.

thirdly - There is so much carring and National pride. peopels always help in case of need. For exmple, in this time wher there is 'heat' in south Israel, alot of peopels invite south Israel citizens to sleep there untill the opretaion will be over. All teh companies give us Help, if by lowring prices and hire more deliveries mans to delver the items, to free enturnace to zoo's and other places {in places out of range afcours}.
We are just friendly {most of us}. maybe a little rude and noisey, but friendly and warm.

Fourth - there is so much Cultural Diversity. People from all around the world came to Israel, so we got food, music, art and so on from all around the world. From Polaks to Lybians, from Russains to Ethiopeans, From French to Arabs, from Afgan to Morroceans. So we have a very very rich kitchen and a very wide musical culture.
For exmple, this morning i ate a jachnun and for lunch i ate a Kneidalach {AKA in english as matza balls}.

Fifth - The politics. Yea i know, most of the time no one is completly happy with it, but i do have to say - im proud we dont have just 2 parties, or 3 very diffrunte ones. We have many many diffrunte parties, from left wing to right wing, from orthodox jews to arabic Communist, You can find everyone. Everyone have someone who represent him the the Kneset {the parllament}.

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