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Hey guys! It's me (TDOG422) here for a BIG announcement! I will be holding the unofficial (and probably against the rules for that matter) writing contest! A new contest will be held every...whenever I want (not too-too long apart)! And even though this clan is mainly about writing about dark times (and maybe a few jokes in I use way to many parentheses), you can write about anything (within the AG rules of course - and I did it again) you want! I feel like there isn't enough contests in AG, so I thought I would take the risk of making this one! All you need to do is make a short story and post it as a comment! And I will have a topic for each contest (man, what is that word!)


The time spans will be one month for entries, one month for judging (in case this gets popular), and the break in between the contests.


â¢There will be one winner and the "Notable Entries"
â¢You may only send in one short story per contest (still think of that word!) If you send in more...well figure it out
⢠Yes, you can give me ideas for the topics
â¢I give full permission to all the admins and moderators to help out as much as you want (and be the judge if I can't)


â¢Stay within the AG rules
â¢Don't be mean to the other writers (or anyone)
â¢Don't post someone else's short story
â¢Don't repost your short story we will read all the short stories and will take all of them into consideration
â¢Have fun (DUH!)

As you can hopefully see, I hope to make this a big thing on AG and I really want it to work out because I have/want to put so much work into this!

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