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Hello guys,
I wanted to talk about this game because its actually amazing it has a lot of advantages and a very low rate of disadvantages the game's difficulty is average .. meaning its neither very hard or very easy.
of course I will explain the game for the people who didn't try and want to know the plot .. First of all your a wandering warrior around towns(Story mode through initiate loading process) then you go to the knight's academy to learn how to lead an army you get a tutorial and then you start on with missions and levels the more you level the more you get leadership points and are able to have more men under your command but also you can have more than 100 men under you .. but you can't have them all in battle just a rate of them depending on the type you choose and your leadership too.

Now for my opinion to the game developers ... Your game is amazing .. there are just some things I'd hope get better like the healing of the soldiers I think it consumes a lot of stamina from the side of rationality which gives the player almost 1 - 2 missions at max to do a time if hes lucky and doesn't get his men all wounded in one battle so I'd suggest that the stamina fee for healing is reduced or even removed with the increase of gold fee I think that would make it more balanced
Again thanks for your game ^_^

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