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We're in the heat of Season 3, and let's have a thread to discuss the glory of the pone. Opening discussion; this guy

Donut Steel/King Sombra is definitely one of the most dividing issues in the fandom. There are those who adore his use as a plot device, a sort of impending doom rather than a full-on supervillain character. However, there are those who were looking forward to this guy being characterized, fleshed-out, much more akin to Discord, Queen Chrysalis, or Nightmare Moon.

While I knew the art of this guy was going to be good (I was right), here's what I think of the former theory;

If you're going to give it a face, then why not give it a voice?

To counter my own point, there's a number of allusions between Sombra and Sauron. Off-screen, the embodiment of evil and totally powerful, defeated years ago, stopped just at the moment of victory, it goes on.

ITT: We discuss technicolor equines and start off by talking about the most edgy character.


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