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I have written up a rather long post that will be broken into two or three parts. The first part is below. The other part(s) will be posted at a later date. This is open discussion pertaining to the Haiku Contest and Poetry Contest. The Art Skills Competition may also weigh in where relevant.

Let's get the innocuous out off the way. The following are hopefully uncontroversial proposed changes that should be easy to implement.

[HAIKU][POETRY] Retire the kilopost threads. Start a new thread each year with up-to-date rules and keep the content fresher. This means the threads will be done at the end of this year and a new thread will take its place. This deals with the problem of outdated rules and permanent rule changes in the middle of the thread.
[HAIKU] Create a new account to store winning entries to the Haiku Competition.
[POETRY] Reopen _Poetry_ or create new account to store winning entries of the Poetry Competition. I'm leaning toward opening a new account, because _Poetry_ is affected by the underscore glitch.

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