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Halo, Armor Games.

That's right. You received a Call of Duty.

But enough of those lame jokes. That would be derailing.

After looking at a few threads, preferably, "What games are you waiting for?", I found out most of you are waiting for Strike Force Heroes 2. So I thought I might post a few, NOT FAKE pics from progress, in case anyone else didn't know yet.

Just a heads up: It's been confirmed that your original squad from SFH 1 (Bull, Toad, Riggs, and Shadow) and the original classes (Medic, Commando, Assassin, and Tank) will not, I repeat: NOT be returning. You will instead get new allies and new classes. Let me show you two of them:

Meet Nathan, the Engineer

The Engineer is a replacement for the Medic. Most people liked the Medic's guns and killstreaks, but he didn't really show off his supportive and team-player style. Well, now you can! Be the offensive, defensive and tactical expert/geek the Medic could never be! Would you rather deploy Sentry Turrets to cover your allies? Or send in Attack Drones to follow your allies around? Now, you can! That's the beauty of the Engineer. He'll still be using the Medic's weapons, though, such as Assault Rifles and Magnums.

Meet Dex, the Mercenary

The Commando was seen by the Creators as an offensive version of the Medic. Instead of constant healing and protection--basically making your allies stronger--the Commando would focus on constant rapid fire and stopping the enemy from advancing--making your enemies weaker so your allies can do an easier job. Well, that's all gone with the Mercenary. They shifted that supportive style to a new class, sort of like the Engineer. But since the Engineer's a tactical-offensive-defensive teamplayer all in one, who knows what the new class could be! But anyways, have you ever wanted to be a mix of Rambo and Captain Price? Well, now you can! Wow, I sound like an advertiser.

Whatever the replacement of the Assassin is, it'll still have that lone wolf style, like the Commando--I mean, Mercenary. Think of Mercenaries as Brutes and Assassin-Replacements as Elites. Get the idea?

^^Screenshot of the not-so-final soldier customization menu. See those five symbols to the upper right? There are five symbols. One is obviously the Engineer. Note that the bullet, scope and shield are only placeholders. They'll get replaced soon. Now, the new class? Well, up to you to decide.

What the new class may be:
Judging from the symbol, it may be some sort of soldier that's always close to HQ. Any guesses?

What the new class will not be:
It's obviously not a violent class, looking at the picture alone. And it is not a class with a rank, such as corporal or general or whatever. This would make the class seem superior to all others. And if the class is not superior, then people will ask it to be superior. Which wouldn't work. Besides, what's to stop an Engineer from being a Corporal? Nothing. But what's to stop an Engineer from being a Mercenary? Well, the game itself! You can't be a Mercenary and an Engineer at the same time!

So, wuja think of it? Is it gonna be good? Discuss!

PS. Sorry if I look like I'm spamming, or if there's already a thread about this. I read the rules, but they're not very clear.

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