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So, I've not really been doing much writing lately or any artistic work because I'm lazy, bored and stubborn.
I bailed on my NaNO after about 2000ish words.

And, I had to write an essay/story for English under the theme 'Under The Sea'.
I'm not usually one to be enthusiastic to write such childlike topics, but yeah..

I haven't thought of a name yet, mostly because I don't know how the story is going to pan out. I'll leave that to my imagination.

It was the morning of December 7th, 1941. The American Navy were training in Hawaii.
Muffled chit-chat could be heard throughout the island.
âLine up,â the admiral bellowed. The chatting now suppressed.
âYou're not here to make friends.
If you want to do that, you're not fit for the navy.
Now, straighten up.â
The navymen straightened up as the admiral gave them the instructions for their training routine.
The atmosphere was tense.
The navymen were afraid of the admiral.
If you ever stepped out of line; the punishments were severe.
One of the sailors proceeded to talk.
The admiral pointed his finger at him while pointing at the spot beside him.
The sailor walked toward the admiral nervously.
âFaster!â he barked.
âWhat's your name?â
âJ-J-Jack.â he mumbled.
âAnd, Jack. How long have you been in the navy?â
âA-a month.â
âA month! And, you think you can talk freely here?â
âGood. Now, get back in line.â
âJack. You're going to steer that ship.â
âAnd, as for the rest of you; do what I've already told you.â

Hopefully, the quotation marks won't come out messed up, and if they do apologies in advance.
Will post more tomorrow, too tired to type anything more.

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So, yeah. Continuation..

Jack nervously walked towards the ship.
His legs were trembling, his hands were shaking and beads of sweat were rolling down the side of his face.
Jack ambled towards the rudder.
His heart was racing as he placed his sweaty hands onto the wheel.
âJack.â the admiral roared.
âAre you capable of this?â
âDo you think you can handle it?â
âY-yes. Yes sir.â
âGet on with it then!â
Jack steered the ship to the best of his ability, veering it out of the docks.
The admiral stood firmly behind Jack assessing his work.
âGood, good.â he muttered to himself.
Jack, cautious of the admiral's presence grew apprehensive while holding the rudder.
âDo you have to stand there like that?â Jack blurted out.
âWell, it is a nec-â the admiral's booming voice was subdued from screeching noises above them.
âAre those missiles?â someone whispered meekly.
Panic uproared across the ship.
Some sailors frenziedly jumped overboard in an attempt to swim back to the harbours
Others just stood there gazing up at the missile descending upon them paralyzed in fear.
The Admiral, Jack and about a dozen other sailors ran to the storage room for shelter, hoping that they would be safe.


Will post more later or tomorrow, depending on when I get the next part finished.


From Haiku contest:

This Thanksgiving Day
our spirits are together
as our hearth is warmed.

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