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1. Ok, here are the rules of this RPG. In this RPG, you will decide the story and fates of your characters. So here are the components of a Character list of the game. Note that this RPG is more storyline than combat or anything... There will be no levels for Characters.

-Name: The name of your Character
-Age: His/her Age
-Race: His race/Nationality
-Loadout: Current equipment such as weapons and such
-Profession: His Current Profession(skill) when the outbreak started.
-Weaknesses: His weaknesses.
-Party Members: The collection of all the people in the party. Remember to introduce your character and add him to this list. (Just copy paste)

2. So here are more rules; when you make a character, remember to write a short story on how he get to meet the character above to join the party for survival.

3. Only the character's owner can kill their own characters.

4. Try not to make too much characters. Keep to 1 or 2.

5. After writing your segment of the story, make choices for the next person to decide flow of the story.

6. Please do not spam nor make any silly segments to ruin this post...

7. Write any updates at the bottom of your post.

8. Please do not kill this story...

So, here would be the example of how the Game should look like.

-Character Sheet-
-Name: Hideo Nakatsuka
-Age: 18
-Race: Asian (Japanese)
-Loadout: A metal pole, a bag of Chips and a Laptop with Power Adapter.
-Profession: Computer Programming.
-Weaknesses: Problems with communicating in English.
-Party Members: None

It was a stormy night. What seemed to be a 2 month exchange program to the US became a nightmare for Hideo. It was too sudden; he could remember the time when it happened... There were madmen everywhere that started killing each other and eating the flesh of one another during classes... The whole campus was in panic as the crazed horde clashed with the students themselves, causing a blooded melee filled with hysteria and panic. Hideo was fear-struck, as he quickly yanked out a metal pole from his chair and hid inside a store-room and barred the door with the pole, fearing the worst...

It has been days since Hideo hid in the storeroom, Surviving on nothing but his packed lunch and snacks he could find in the store room. He peeked out to see a bloody corridor with corpses around. Hideo grasped his nose in disgust as he grabbed the Metal Pole in defense, and a box cutter which he eyed on the floor.

He then saw a woman twitching on the floor. Could she be alive? What should he do?

-> Go over to her to check if she is OK.
-> Call for her.
-> Ignore.

-Found a box cutter

So now, I would make a sample of what the reply should be like.


-Character Sheet-
-Name: Marcus Devin
-Age: 63
-Race: Caucasian/US
-Loadout: Glock 19, 2 magazines of 13 rounds of 9mm parabellum, some Bandaid.
-Profession: Janitor, war vet
-Weaknesses: Missing 2 fingers on his left hand from an old vVetnam war wound.
-Party Members: Hideo Nakatsuka

->Go over to her to check if she is OK.

Hideo then went to check on the woman, which she suddenly lashed onto Hideo. Her face was crawling with maggots and was terribly atrophied as her rotted teeth tried to sink into Hideo's flesh, whilst he tried to fend it otff with the metal bar.

Out of the sudden, gunshots were heard from afar and the reanimated corpse went motionless.

Hideo shoved off the corpse and looked at his horizon. It was a shaved, old, wrinkly man dressed in a janitor's outfit, with a gun with its barrel still smoking.

Hideo approached the man. "Who... are... you?" He stuttered with a heavy Japanese accent.

Marcus stared at the young man for awhile, before answering him. "No time fer' lollygagging son, lets get the 'ell outta 'ere!"

Marcus forcefully grabbed Hideo's arm and ran towards the exit of the school, only to be faced by a horde of walking corpses.

"Gerd Dammit..." Cursed Marcus.

What will they do?
-> Fight the horde
-> Run away
->Act like them and walk through

Spent 4 9mm Parabellum rounds

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