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There used to be a Heal or Hurt game on the forum but it died. Now this is a new version with the exact same rules.

The rules are simple: Each turn, you chose what you want to heal +1p and what you want to hurt -1p. The choices would usually be like this;

Cake: 5 points
Ice-Cream: 5 points
Pie: 5 points

Player 1: 'I hurt Cake and heal pie!'
Player 2: 'I heal ice cream and hurt pie!'

Then the chart would look like this;

Cake: 4 points
Ice-Cream: 6 points
Pie: 5 points

Hope y'all understand. So, let's start with;

Favourite Forum:

The Tavern: 5 points
Art, Music and Writing: 5 points
Forum Games: 5 points

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