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Hey guys I've been playing this awesome game for the last few days and I thought I could write a little guide/walkthrough that could hopefully help those like me who got addicted to it.

For now I will give just a few tips on how to beat the game fast enough to avoid the chance of getting stuck or bored, but eventually I will post a whole step-by-step walkthrough. So, there you go:

- use stars on HP and Dirty Cash to the max before anything else
- for the first 2 stages flamethrower is the best choice; you want to upgrade only this one for now
- save up cash to get the special upgrade of each weapon; it's expensive but it's worth it
- buy the first spell of each rank, it will return you the cash spent + an extra
- focus on game's achievements if you're in need of cash/stars
- the SMG with max ammo + special upgrade turns into one of the most powerful guns
- the laser gun is the right choice for boss fights, due to its massive damage. Not that useful on mobs, though.

I really hope this might come in handy; if you have any more suggestions or just want to share your opinions, feel free to do it

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the mailbox have 3 stars (stage 1)
the trash have 3 stars (stage 2)
the vampire paint have 3 stars (stage 3)

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