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You must read everything in order to play this game correctly. 8 players total allowed.

Character Sheet: You will leave most of this blank.

Name: Your name
Age: Your age. This will affect your abilities. Think it through
Kingdom: Look below
HP: (Leave blank)
Abilities (Leave blank)
Inventory: (Leave blank)
Weapon: (Leave blank)
-Skill: (Leave blank)

The 4 kingdoms

The Northern Kingdom: Due to severe weather conditions, players from this kingdom have great endurance and have high pain tolerance.
The Eastern Kingdom: The east is the most brutal kingdom of all. Players from this kingdom are excellent warriors and have great strength.
The Southern Kingdom: The southerners are the richest and most intelligent kingdom. Players from this kingdom are great strategists and very technical in battle.
The Western Kingdom: This kingdom is secluded from the other 3. Because of this, players from here are very clever and great at improvising to survive.

NOTE: I suggest if you sign up, you know that you can be active. Being inactive can prove very dangerous.

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