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Welcome to Snowman1474 & AraxNisanu's Art Showcase!

Snowman1474 and I, are two members with a background knowledge of using and manipulaing images in Adobe PhotoShop CS2, & CS3. We have come to an agreement that this thread will be for displaying our unique pieces of art that we have created. Any questions or comments, please visit one of our profile pages and leave us a comment. Spam posts in this thread are highly rude! Please respect our art. Leaving rude, or pointless comments in this thread will result in a consequence. This showcase will be under close watch by snowman1474 and i. Below you will find the forms for request, and any further rules!

*Rules & Format*

1. In order to request your sig or profile pic, we ask that you have 25 posts, this can be achieved by making 25 non spam posts in the armor games community forum.

2. After you have received your first sig or profile pic, you must wait a standard week to request another graphic. (This means only one request per week!) You must also get another 25 community posts.

3. Requesting that the S&A logo be taken off is strictly fobidden. The logo is necessary to ensure the safty of our artwork. *NOTE* That higher ranked members and moderators come first in the queve for art. Please be patient and bear with us.

When you request a signature or Profile pic, please use the following format or the request will be closed till further notices

Link To Stock Or Render:
Size :
Main Text:
Sub Text:
Colors(If Desired):
Account link:

Max Signature Size: 400x150
Max Profile pic: 350x350
Max Ammount Of Renders/Pictures Allowed: 2

Any violation of these rules will equal an infraction!!! Once a user has 3 infractions, we will refuse to take requests from that user. If we find out that any of our art was stolen/edited/or claimed as anothers, they will be severily punished. Moderation will be brought into play at that point and time. I hope that no one violates these easily followed rules. We hope to see you make a request soon! Also, remember that it is only 2 members. Art takes time and effort. Please be patient while we process your request!

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our designs.

Snoman1474 & AraxNisanu <3

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