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The Universe
Inspired by the Universe Project. Description paraphrased from the actual video. Warning: This is a complex game.

A game set in a world the size of our own planet and universe. You can expand in the world, and the world changes to your choices. Survival, weather, and nature are all implemented.

It starts on a planet like Earth, however all things man are absent. You must build tools, invent new items, and band together with different people on the planet.

You must build and create a society. Not a society based on our current society, but a society created by YOU. Your morals, traditions, languages, and more are created by you and your people.

Sail across oceans and seas to discover new lands, or venture by land to discover more of the continent.

Raid villages, raise armies, conquer empires. Start your own villages and settlements, and watch them grow to the sizes of super cities. Create your own government run by your own rules. Run a nation.

Once you achieve the technology to reach space, you can expand to different planets and other places in space.

Character Sheet
Hunger: Not Hungry
Thirst: Not Thirsty
Rest: Well Rested
Physical Appearance: (Do not include clothes, you aren't wearing any clothes yet)

The character sheet will grow as the game progresses. For now, that is all that is included.

Players Allowed
2 players allowed. Please be active. If you are going to stop replying for a while (ie. you are on vacation), you must tell me. Otherwise, not replying for at least 5-10 pages will get you kicked.

All players will exist in/on the same world/planet.

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