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Hello there AG citizens! I'm theEPICgameKING. For a while now, Kylelolcat allowed me control of his CtO spinoff: Destroy Lolcatia! Unfortunately, probably from me taking over (with his permission) and adding new RPG elements every turn (The famed: Postly Updates~), most people have now left. That makes me sad...AND DETERMINED! This game, 100% my own creation, parallels Kyle's CtO's while still being unique in that it is an RPG too! This game combines the RPG elements of Heroes, Magic, and an XP/Level system while also incorporating the strategy elements of Colony, Age of War, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Age of Empires (And every other war game), NOT TO MENTION the luck of the dice from Backgammon! Yes, it's a THREE-IN-ONE game! What could be better? Here's the Stat sheet I will be using:

Admin Stuff (For me)

Weather: Clear/Cloudy/Stormy
Time: Morning/Noon/Afternoon/Night
Temperature: Freezing/Cold/Temperate/Warm/HOT

Injured Heroes(Lose turns)

Dead Heroes(Dead, awaiting revival)

Undead Heroes (The dead revived)

Base 1 Target Building, Lvl X: 100,000*level HP
Base 1 Wall, Lvl X: Current HP/10,000*Lvl Max HP

Base 1 Heroes
Generic Hero name: Level 1, XP 0/1000 (Class)
HP: 1000*Level
MP: 100
Weapon: Starting weapon (Tier 1/2/3/4/5)
Armor: Starting armor (Tier 1/2/3/4/5)

Base 1 Resources:

Base 1 Buildings:[b]

[b]Base 1 Troops

Tier 1 Units





Troops in Battlefield between Bases

Base 2 Target Building, Lvl X: 100,000*level HP
Base 2 Wall, Lvl X: Current HP/10,000*Lvl Max HP

Base 2 Heroes

Base 2Resources:

Base 2Buildings:

Base 2 Troops
Tier 1





Never seen anything like it, right? Well, i'll try to explain.
Resources: Wood, Stone, Metal, etc. Resources are needed to build Buildings and Troops, and
repair/level your Wall. Note that the Target Building CANNOT be repaired. It can be leveled to have
more HP, though.
The Wall: Attacking units must break through the Wall before attacking the Target building.
This is tough to do, but Armor units, with their extra attack power, do best against the Wall.
Buildings: Stuff like a Quarry, Generator, Bank, etc. These produce resources. Depending on
your Base Type, you will start with different starting buildings.
Troops: I'm personally proud of this. Troops have Types; Infantry, Armor, Support, and
Infantry are your basic foot soldiers, armed with melee weapons like swords and axes. The backbone
of any army, Infantry troops do well against Support, but lose against Armor.
Armor units are high-defence, slow-moving units like Knights and Tanks. Able to bear lots of
damage, Armor units smash through Infantry but are too slow to fight against Strikers.
Strikers are those sneaky, fragile assassin units, like Saboteurs and ninjas. Strikers can backstab
Armor units, but due to weak constitution they're easy to be picked off by Support types.
Support units stay back behind the front line. Archers, Snipers, as well as Healers and Workers are
all Support types. They can pick off Strikers, but have low defence and easily get owned by

Subtypes: There are a few Subtypes in addition to the basic Type of units.
Flying: Flying units can only be attacked by Support and other Flying units.
Healers help...heal, units and Heroes. Priests, Doctors, etc.
Workers are your workforce! What, you thought Buildings ran themselves? A lot of Workers, while
being suckish at combat, enhance your Resource income. With enough of them, you could be getting
DOUBLE your normal income rate!

Rank/Tier: These just explain how good your units are. You can train your units for 20% of
their starting cost to up their Rank once, and once they reach Rank 5, they're maxed and cant
upgrade anymore, but are now equal to a Rank 1 unit of the next Tier. Obviously, the best unit is a
Tier 5, Rank 5. Rank is represented by *'s next to the unit name.
Heroes: You, the player, are a Hero! You have a Type just like units, but instead of
Tier/Rank you have a Level! Doing things like killing enemies, etc. gives you XP. It takes more XP
to level up more; 1000 XP gets a Lvl1 to Lvl2, but you need 2000 to get from Lvl2 to Lvl 3. Heroes
can fight eachother when they meet, and the winner takes 10% of the TOTAL XP of the loser. Total XP
is how much XP you have total. So a Level 3 (0/3000 XP) Hero has 3000 XP (1000 for Level 2+2000 for
Level 3).

Magic: Yes! Every Hero has Magic! Unlike other games where Magic costs a set amount of MP, this
game incorporates Flexible Magic; the more you use, the stronger it is! your hero starts out with
the basics:
Cure, costs X MP and heals 50X HP
Fire: Fire Elemental damage for 25X damage and lowers target's defence, making them take 1.5x more
damage from further attacks. Further levels increase damage and defence lowering.
Ice: Ice Damage for 30x and slows down the target. Further levels increase damage and slow down the
target more.
Thunder: Electrical Damage for 40x and has a 25% chance to stun the target. Further levels increase
damage and stun chance %.
More spells can be discovered later on in the game as your Hero levels up, finds them in Dungeons,
purchases them from the Black Market, or learns them from the monsters/other heroes he/she fights
and defeats. Note that certain items increase a Hero's magic power and max MP, so if you're a
Wizard, look for these.

[b]Some places to visit (For a Hero):

Haunted Beach: Full of low-level ghosts and the occasional lost sword. Good for heroes just
starting out.
Great Plains: No, not the Midwest. Monsters here are tougher, but there's not much treasure
Scary Volcano: Lots of Mines and Dungeons are located in this dormant volcano. The deeper
you go, the stronger the monsters get.
Small/Medium/Large/Jumbo Dungeon: You have to look for these, usually found in the Scary
volcano but not always. Full of treasure and monsters.
Small/Medium/Large/Jumbo Mine: These mines give some of EVERY resource for your Base every
turn. Each Day (4 turns) they degrade to the next level, with Small mines becoming Useless.
Monster Forest: The toughest of all the Locations, Legendary Monsters as well as everything
from the other locations can be found here. Legendary monsters carry supreme Rank 5 Weapons and/or
Armor, but they're Final Boss tough. Beware.
The Black Market: ANYTHING can be bought here; weapons, armor, new magic spells, even
troops! However, this is Unfair, so don't expect to get a good deal from this. I warned you now.
Base Types: Once everyone's chosen their sides, they'll have to choose a Type for their base. Type is basically your
government structure, influencing how you develop.
Kingdom: Govern as a King! Target building is Royal Palace, Buildings cost 10% less, but all
soldiers also cost Money, a unique resource for this type. Good for those who have a balance
between unit strategy and hero development.
Native Tribe: Be just like the Native Americans! Target building is Chief's Tent, divine
help costs less, but max Population is lowered. A good type for those who like to pray for Acts of
God to smash their enemy rather than beat them outright.

Necropolism: Rule the undead! Target Building is Citadel, Undead can be summoned at a cost of Bodies (Not population; bodies increases with the enemies you kill), as well as normal units. Good for those who enjoy having a swarm of units mindlessly control them.

Anarchy: No government whatsoever...wait, what? Since no one's following you, Heroes gain TRIPLE XP, but cannot build buildings, gather resources, or train units. A real challenge, focusing on Hero development over strategy.

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