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Hey, I personally feel as though our technology is moving too fast! We have phones that do more than laptops, the Ipad and Kindle Fire, consoles that do more than computers, and even robots to do our fighting!!
Does anyone else agree with me? My school is awed by Ipads and so many people are getting them, but they will soon be outdated and no longer cared about once the "Ipad 2" comes out. (No clue if thats what it wil be called). Once you turn your brand new computer on, almost half your programs become outdated. I feel we need to slow up how much our technology is becoming because we are becoming dependent on it. People complain if takes longer than a nanosecond to load... We are too reliant of our gadgets and electronics.
Who all agrees or disagrees with me on how fast our tech. is developing? I do not mind if you counter my points or even make fun of or laugh. I'm interested to know how everyone feels.

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