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you are a part of a giant invasion fleet who are preapering to board a Rebel command ship it is foreseen that the attack may take 2-3 days because of the giant nature of the ship you and a about 100.0000 Storm Troopers 1000 Scouts and the famous General wellington are about to land. you grab your blaster you hear and someone on the intercom say we have landed this is it g ood luck. The door opens you and about a 100 soldiers march out you see a alot transport ship in the air you see a ship land and stormtroopers coming out of the door you wonder why there where no one in the hanger to meet the invasion force. you hear the sound of General wellington screaming plant the bomb on the door hu- a and explosion occurs rebels stream in trough the doors you see the mutilated corpses of your fellow soldier and a wounded man with no legs looking at you he grabs your leg but you shrug it off you head for some cover behind some crates you hear wellington screaming charge
A join Wellington in the Charge
B stay in cover
C Help the wounded man
D make your own answer

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