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Welcome to the Lodge, where all kinds of hunters come together to drink, sleep and meet. Ranging from a tribesman with a spear to a trigger happy soldier, we either hunt- You're confused you say? I'll explain then, the Lodge is not only a place, but a mysterious organisation of time travelers that keeps order and peace in all time eras. In rare occasions, hunters from magical dimensions visit us and share objects of... peculiar like. The era you are from, or dimension, affects your skill on a particular weapons. For example, if you were in the Prehistoric Age, you would have an extremely hard time to handle a gun. Even though a Modern Age hunter knows the basics of handling a spear, tribesmen will still have an edge for having ancient and forgotten techniques to use. We hunt mammoths, to deer, to terrorists, to magical monsters. This is the Lodge, and you are a part of it.

Hunter Form
Name: (Please put in this form: First Name, Nickname[Optional], Last name)
Age: (How old is your character?)
Era/Dimension: (Prehistoric? Futuristic? Magical Dimension? Realistic Dimension?)
Range Weapon: (Bow? Rifle? Staff?)
Melee Weapon: (Spear? Knife? Summoned Sword?)
Inventory: (Extra items: Traps, Food[For Lures], Ammunition)
Pet: (An animal that you captured using a TRAP, NOT KILLED)
Trophies: (Stuffed first animal, Giant Deer Antlers, anything that seems worthy for you)

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