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Hey there, I have a developed quite a nice GTA like (2d top down) online shooter that runs natively in a browser (html5). Naturally I will submit this game to armorgames when its finished, but its still lacking decent art!

The game is quite complete, multiple modes are playable on servers and is currently running on "hacked together" sprites I got left and right for different old projects I was working on.

The project would not require many images, mainly 4 or 5 maps, and character/car sprites with different coloring.

Naturally you will be fully credited for your work with link to your personal website/portfolio. I do not have much to invest in this project sadly else I would gladly pay you for your work.

Here are some old screenshots of the game that will maybe get some people inspired...
(I know, I know, super ugly art, its not my thing!)

Thanks, any help will be appreciated!

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