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So quite a few people know this game/MMO and I know why. I'm not familiar with the first one, but I know the second one very well. So, tell me. What are the things you like in it and what are the things you don't like in it? My... comment:

Good things: map creating, multiplayer, alot of weapons, sometimes reminds me of raze 2 (I'm almost certain that you know why this is a GOOD thing), you can choose your own level difficulty, over a few hundred maps (that are made by users)

Bad things: (if someone has got anything bad to say about pb or pb2, then tell it, because I don't see anything bad there... yet)

Also, I would like if you would tell me your username and tell me the ID of your customised map (if you have one).


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Ummmm, LAG, Lag is the biggest problem. Because of Lag, opponents could kill me before I could get off a shot.

Also, navigation is difficult, trying to wall jump in nearly impossible, yet it is required for the 3rd level.

~~~Darth Caedus

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