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Hello, if you are reading this you must want to know how to get 1000-1200ish credits a game with a game averaging about 8 minutes of action packed fun. It's really simple on what you have to do just follow these 6 easy steps.

1. Go to quick match
2. Set the map to frostbite, day or night.
3. Set it to deathmatch if it's not already on it.
4. Set weapons to "Close Range"
5. Set it to free for all with 12 players
6. Set the kills to 100

Then just play the game, although it is a -20% credit rate you still manage to get 1000ish credits a game in a short amount of time. Also if you use the Point Allocator for your Utility equipment it will give you an extra 200 credits for your 100 shotgun kills. Now just run around the map killing all the bots with your shotgun and have fun and remember where the powerups are and most of the action is in the middle.

Hopefully this helped you out and you enjoy your new found credit gaining method to get that special item or .. all the items!

Good luck! - EssentialElement

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