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I never realizede it was Finn who was hot all along. Finn... was the one who was HOT. I know, right. Finn? He was pretty nice to me. And he saved me from even hotter shadow guy versions of himself

I don't know how it happened. Usually, I'm super observant about these kinds of things. Like that one time Melissa's lump was all crooked when she came back form the bathroom. I observed that. I observed that all day and I didn't say anything. She must have been so embarassed for herself. Whatever. 'Cause that's what you deserve when you PO LSP. Ha. Oh, she knows what she did... No, I'm not going to tell you.

That was an excerpt from the book LSP wrote in the episode of Adventure Time, "Gotcha". It took a lot of pausing and such to write it all down.

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