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Okay, this is an attempt at a sci-fi game. It's a bit like a city builder, except with starships. You start off choosing your ship type - Mineship, Battleship, Tank or Carrier. The Battleship is a big ship. It has a lot of armour, a few drone bays and the fiercest weapons of the lot.
The Mineship is a pretty big one. It has even more armour than the Battleship, some drone bays and decent weaponry. However, it has much more resource-harvesting capacity. The Tank is, well, pretty tough. It has no drone bays, ridiculous amounts of armour and some scary weapons.
Last but not least, the Carrier is a massive ship with as much armour as the Battleship but not as powerful weapons systems. It does, however, have enormous drone-manufacturing capacity.
Next you choose your race. The Humans are the medium race. Nothing special. The warlike reptilian Josaileh have great weapons but less armour. The Transcendants of Zourme, having left their mortal bodies for machine bodies long ago, are much tougher but lack advanced weapons.
I'll add more soon, including a story. I'm going Transcendant.
Post suggestions if you have any.
Kthxbai, Nerdsoft

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Story: The year is 2135 AD. 42 years ago the Transcendants left Earth and the Colonies for the planet Zourme after a dispute between the Transcendants and the Humanists, who believed that humans were the greatest beings in the universe and that the T of Z were heretics. Zourme was the perfect place to settle, being rich in minerals but utterly uninhabitable for any of the 14 sapient biological races in the galaxy.
Now, 3 powerful races are splintering and the galaxy is on the brink of war. The Josaileh are deeply religious, and share much the same views on the ToZ as the Humanists. The humans are having escalating disputes between those who believe that the ToZ should be let be, and the Humanists.
Meanwhile, a ToZ party that believes in the destruction of all biological life is gaining power. Such times are, of course, a boon for mercenaries.
Mineship: ToZ HP: 100,000 Human HP: 80,000 Jos. HP: 60,000
2 Weapon Pods, 2 Construction Cells and 5 Mining Bays.
Carrier: ToZ HP: 90,000 Human HP: 75,000 Jos HP: 60,000
2 Weapon Pods, 5 Construction Cells and 2 Mining Bays.
Battleship: Same HP as Carrier.
5 Weapon Pods, 2 Construction Cells and 2 Mining Bays.
Tank: ToZ HP: 140,000 Human HP: 110,000 Jos. HP: 80,000
4 Weapon Pods, 0 Construction Cells and 3 Mining Bays.
Tell me if you think that 1 of the ships is OP.

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Basically, you take your ship, name it and then start a battle. It's a PVP game, so you have to challenge one or more other players. You can have two game types: Team Battle or Brawl. Team Battle is when two or more teams start fighting. Like this:
Player 1: Hey Player 2! Wanna team up against Player 3 and Player 4?
Player 2: Okay! Player 3, you ready?
Player 3: Sure! Player 4?
Player 4: SPAAARTA!!!
And Brawl is just like this:
P2: Fine. Just ease up a little on the caps.
P1: Ok.
Then the game goes like this:
Ship: The Landslide
Class: Zourme Battleship
Battle: Team Battle with Nerdsoft and Player 2 versus Player 3 and Player 4
Cell 1: Construct Missile Pod Level 1, -15 Energy, -500 Metal, -100 Crystals, 2 turns left
Cell 2: Construct Laser Cannon Level 1, -15 Energy, -500 Metal -100 Crystals, -50 Uber-Crystals, 2 turns left
Bay 1: Drill Metal: -2 Energy, +100 Metal
Bay 2: Find Gas: -2 Energy, +100 Gas
Weapon Pods 1-5: Offline
Reactor: 50 Energy
Metal: 3600
Gas: 3100
Crystals: 2400
Uber-crystals: 450
Missles: 0
Shells: 0
When the Missile Pods and Laser Cannons are done, they'll be sent to Weapon Pods. Then you'll be able to fire them. Metal is a standard resource, used for many things. Gas is used in missiles and ships as fuel and explosives. Crystals are also used in most things, but are rarer. Mining bays can only get 75 Crystals per turn. Uber-crystals are really rare. Mining them only gets you 50 per turn but they're only used in energy and plasma guns.

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