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This is a game where you have to build to survive the attacking zombie horde. First off, make your character with this sheet:
Tools: Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hammer, Chisel, Hoe
Weapons: Knife, Braining Rock
HP: 100/100
Thirst: 5/5
Hunger: 20/20
Skills: Whittling level 1, Carving Level 1, Farming Level 1
Inventory: Mineral water (1 bottle), First Aid Kit, Apple, [Insert Chosen Thing Here]

Here's the story: You wake up in front of a mountain. In front of you is a toolbox. In front of that is a cliff. You see a figure roll down the mountain towards you. It falls off the cliff. It picks itself up and walks towards you. You smash its head in with a rock. You inspect its face, and only then does it become clear: It's a zombie!
You lose 1 thirst and 1 hunger per turn. The apple will restore your hunger once. The mineral water does the same with your thirst. If either reaches zero, you'll lose 10 HP per turn. Your action is what you do in that turn. Each person has to make their own character. No using others'. Work as a team to build a wall. So... who wants to join?
Kthxbai, Nerdsoft

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