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Hey guys! I'm gunna make this short and quick. This is a forum game that is based off of Unkown's "Destroy The Boss" and will look basically, kinda, a little, similar to his forum (plus he might be a co-owner). So how it goes is I post a picture (and give the info) of a boss that we will be helping to defeat the enemy, then I will post the enemy (and their stats). So then it gets kinda turn-based RPG style. I will post what both bosses have done that round, and then you guy post (VERY reasonable) attacks, or anything to help our boss. Then, just to make it more interesting, I will put the battle area that the bosses are trapped in (use it your advantage). But really just look at Unkown's forum and that will help you out a little. So lets do this!

Friendly Boss #001:

"The Ender Dragon"

Enemy Boss #001:


Battle Area:

"The Nether"
Turn 1 [Bosses]:

The Ender Dragon pushes John into a giant pool of lava, slowing him down and pushing him away.

John can't go any faster and fail to accomplish anything this turn (ACHIEVEMENT GET!).


The Ender Dragon = 4,000/4,000 HP

John = 9,970/10,000 HP

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