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Just a "handy" walkthrough of the game, even though its not impossible.

1.) Got to right into the storage room, click the large box on the top shelf and get the wrench.
2.) Click the box closest to you on the middle shelf, and get the gear.
3.) Go back, and go the left room from where you started.
4.) Grab the toothpaste on the left shelf, then grab the bottle that says "toxic" on the right shelf.
5.) Click on the white bag behind the tub, and get the patch out of it.
6.) Go back out, and go one room forward.
7.) Put the toothpaste, then the "toxic" bottle on the lock on the right. Grab the "small key".
8.) Go back to the stairs and go up.
9.) Go to the left, and go up to the wires that are hanging from the wall, get the matches.
10.) Go back, go to the left, and grab the tape out of the cat basket. Then put the tape on the machine on the right.
11.) Go back out, go the right room and get the "rusty" key out of the trash can.
12.) Use the "small" key on the desk, get the console out of it.
13.) Go down the stairs, then go forward to the bedroom, use the "rusty" key on the drawer, get the chain.
13.) Go back to the stairs, and go down the ladder to the bicycle.
14.) Use the gear on the others gears, then put the chain on the bicycle.
15.) Head back up the ladder, go up the stairs and go the left.
16.) Go back to the tape room, put the console into the area with the holes.
17.) Put this code into the console, "2285".
18.) Look in the periscope. Exit out of it.
19.) Listen to the tape. (Optional, its only 10 seconds long).
20.) Go out of the room. Go to the stairs, then to the room with the radiation suit.
21.) Click the keypad, put "7619" in the keypad, and click the little "e" button.
22.) Grab the radiation suit, use the patch on the gas mask, and take it.
23.) Go out to the stairs, go down, then go forward to the kitchen.
24.) Use the wrench on the gas nozzle, then use the matches on it.
25.) Shut off the gas, and click the left part of the broken metal "Piece of metal".
26.) Go out the room to the stairs, go up, then go forward to the door.
27.) Open the door, go the next door, use the &quotiece of metal" on the part right of the door. Then click it.
28.) Click on the trapdoor above the staircase.

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