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One of my favorite games, so I decided to make a walkthrough for it.

[/b]Please note, the pictures are just for entertainment only, you don't NEED them to finish the game.

1.) Go to the bookcase, use the flashlight on the security system.
2.) Grab the bullet off the top shelf, also click the book.
3.) Take the key out of book.
4.) Go back, then go to the desk.
5.) Open the middle drawer, get the dagger, then get the letter from the second from bottom drawer.
6.) Click on the side of the desk, use the dagger on the squares until you get the second key.
7.) Go to the fireplace, put the keys in the hole. Then go through the tunnel.
8.) Grab the picture on the pile to the left.
9.) Go the map, get the bullet off the top.
10.) Go the right, grab the fire hose out the container, then grab the bullet on the pile to the right.
11.) Click on the elevator shaft, use the flashlight on it.
12.) Use the fire hose on the cables.
13.) Go down the hose, and use the dagger on the screws on top of the elevator.
14.) Go through the top, and grab the bullet on the top of the panel.
15.) Go out to the hallway, grab the iron seal from the top right.
16.) Go the right, go into the left door, and grab the bullet on the floor.
17.) Open the locker, grab the rifle. Click on the top, grab the bullets and the book.
18.) Go out of the room, go back down the hallway until you get to the open door.
19.) Grab the bullet off the phone in the hallway.
20.) Go into the room, grab the door handle and picture.
20.) Put all 3 levers to the down position.
20.) Go back down the hallway to the 2 doors, use the handle.
20.) Grab the card off the machine. Then turn the switch on the right wall.
MACHINE INSTRUCTIONS: Buttons from left to right as (0,A,B,C,1)
- Click "A"
- Click "1"
- Click "C"
- Click "0"
- Click "B"
21.) Go down the stairs, grab the bullet from the middle hole on the stairs.
22.) Go to elevator ONE, grab the picture.
23.) Go right to elevator THREE, grab the bullet off the rubble pile.
24.) Go through open doors.
25.) Grab the iron seal on the floor the left of the door. Go through the right door.
26.) Grab the picture and bullet on the right machine.
27.) Put the card in the little machine.
28.) Click on the hole that opened up, then use the rifle on the hole.
29.) Shoot both the guard zombies, then go down to them.
30.) Grab the bullet on the right, then grab the key on the left zombie, use on the lock.
31.) Go through the door, use the rifle again on the next two guards.
32.) Grab both iron seals off the dead guards, then use the rifle again.
33.) Grab the picture off left most dead guard, use the rifle once again.
34.) Grab the iron seal out of the right guards pocket, then click on the wheel.
35.) Use the iron seals on the holes.
36.) Grab the book and read.

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Sorry, forgot to mention that you do NOT need all the bullets in the entire game, but you will need a minium of 10 bullets to complete it.

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