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Simple Zombie RPG.


It is Year 2015 and it has been 5 weeks since everything went to Hell. Survive.

Character Sheet

Name: First and Last
Age: 19-25
Gender; Male or Female
Inventory: None
Class: Look Below
Bio: Short. Nothing Dumb
Personality: Give 3
-Skills: AP 100-
Strength: How well you are at Hand Combat, and using Heavy objects.
Intelligence: How well you can repair electronics.
Agility: How well you get out of tight places.
Street Smarts: How well you can pick locks.
Engineering: How well you can fix non Electrical Objects.


Boxer: +5 Str., New Skill: Brute(Str. Increases by 100 for short amount of time)(1 use a day)
Doctor: +5 Int. New Skill: Medical Appliance(Heal without First Aid Kits)
Assassin: +5 Agility New Skill: Sneak(Get around Humans without detection better)
Engineer: +5 Engineering New Skill: Mechanic(Can fix cars without Repair Tools)
Street Rat: +5 Street Smarts: New Skill: LockPicking(Can pick a lock without tools.

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