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I'm sure most of us have heard the story already. But, for the ones that didn't, here's the article.

What's your thought on the issue? Was her suicide justifiable, was it needless, was it selfish? And, who's to blame for her suicide? The media, the DJ's, or even the people?

I personally think that no one here is to blame, but Jacintha herself. That's how suicide works. I also think that the DJ's are far from being the main cause of her death. No sane, happy mind would take their life away because of a prank like that. Sure, a tad embarrassing that she fell for something as ridiculous as a horrible impersonation of the queen of England, but still not a reason to off herself. What the DJ's were doing is what any DJ should be doing. Entertaining their listeners.
Now, was it the media's fault? They did, after all, blow it all out of proportion, stick the prank call on the front page and all that. But then again, they were responding to their readers. They stuck the news on the front page, because people all over the interwebz were discussing it, talking about it. So, they were just doing their jobs, same like the DJ's.
How are the people to blame? They're really not. They were reading an interesting story about a stupid prank that should have never worked. If you've heard the footage of the DJ's impersonating the queen, it was horrendous. I don't know of a single person on the face of this Earth that would've fell for that horrific impersonation. Not even the DJ's themselves thought it would work.

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