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Hello This is a forum on the guild Angels
This is a list of all the members, showing their ranks:
Giulia: Guild Master
Cupidon: Assistant Guild Master
Xett: Assistant Guild Master
SDJ(me): Class Head
noobster12: Class Head
Chyntia: Class Head
WhiteMage13: Class Head
pcpcpc: Member
Jancuk: Member
BIally: Member
Bloody: Novice
Lejes: Novice
Hitsugai: Novice
Satoris: Novice
Rangoon: Recruit
Makez: Recruit
mnhm: Recruit
Reed: Recruit
Teuri: Recruit
Kirtarita: Recruit
artemis: Recruit
kiwimelon: Recruit
titlewave98: Recruit
MyKy: Recruit
Deleur: Recruit
MrEango: Recruit
Lunetta: Recruit
If you joined the guild please reply with your name and position so I can add you to the list thanks
And for those of you knew to Crystal Saga Here's the link

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