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Before the seperation of the Celestial body there was a vast empire that connected all of the universes. The ruler of this empire was Netrevor the Celestian. He held the power of all six of the regions(the six universes of today), and used it in a tyrannical way. After 1,000 years of his rule the civil war had begun. Rebellions from all six of the regions joined together against the leader and his armies. After 100 years of these fierce battles Netrevor was defeated, but at a price. A curse was laid upon all the regions, one that would divide them in their ways. Netrevor swore that one day the six aspects that made up his being would awaken, and join into his former self. These were the last words before his head finally faded. After the demise of the emperor the land was torn asunder, and scattered across many layers of void. Each of the aspects went with their corresponding regions. The right hand went with the region of strength, where the Brawlers fought(Super Smash Brothers). The left hand to the region of crafts, where skill and craftmanship were abundant(world of warcraft). The right foot went to the region of magic, where alchemy was prime(Fullmetal Alchemist). The left foot went to the region of speed and stealth, where Ninja and Shinigami clash(naruto, and Bleach). The heart went to the region of joy, where the toons would prosper(Kingdom Hearts). The head went to the Tactical region, where the scholars thought(Heroes of Olympus{books by Rick Riordan}). Each region later had clashes with the aspects over the eons, but Heroes from each universe rose against them. Soon the stories of the Celestial body were turned to myth, then legend, then all but forgotten. The only ones that remembered were the elders of each region. These elders were far too old to fend off any real threat, and this was their duty. To find new warriors in their universes that would one day join with others. The routine of elder teaching student went on over the long years. Now the first signs of Netrevor's awakening are apparent, and the Students are just starting their cycle. Will they be able to prepare for the impending war?

So there is what you need to know for now, but if you didn't understand then I shall put it out simply for you below.

Regions(worlds where your characters are from)
Super Smash Bros.-you can be any nintendo video game character
World of Warcraft-Basically be any character you can be in the game
Fullmetal Alchemist-you can be an alchemist
Naruto/Bleach-you can be a Ninja, or a Shinigami
Kingdom Hearts-be keyblade master, or any disney character that can fight
Heroes of Olympus(the books by Rick Riordan)-be a Demigod, May allow other types of characters

Basic Story line:
You are one of the students of an elder in these regions. You will be teleported to a point where you will meet with everyone. You will not be immediately thrown into action, but you will meet with fellow players. After that the quest to stop Netrevor will begin.

Appearancepicture if possible)
RegionListed above)
WeaponWhat do you fight with?)
EquipmentDo you carry anything else?)
Name of ElderWho tought you in your region?)
Who is your parent or patron god?(Heroes of Olympus):
RP Example:

Basic Rules:
1. Keep it PG-13
2. All final decisions are made through me.
4. Have fun!

I would like at least one person from each region. So don't all apply for the same place.

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