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(This game will be based on XCOM but without the turn-based fights.)

You are a Commander for the US Government. It has been 5 months since the Zombie Outbreak has taken over 90% of the country. You have been put in charge of a Warehouse that has been recovered and turned into a Laboratory/Shelter for other survivors. Keep the zombies out.

~~~Base Stats~~~
~~Population: 50~~
~ Researchers: 10
~Scouts: 5
~Survivors: 0
~Hunger: 50(-2 a day)
~~Additional Buildings~~
~~~Supply Stats~~~
Farms: 0
Water Source: Water Drops(Once a Month)
Food Supply: Food Drop(Once a Month)
Weapons: Assault Rifles(x30)
~~~ Research ~~~


Okay Most of the Commands will be Basic at the begging but soon it will get more Complex. Here are what the jobs do.

The Soldiers will protect the compound and protect scouts on there missions to get food and other supplies in the city.

The Engineers will build weapons, traps, shields, and upgrade your Additional Buildings to keep get the government more Commanders in.

The Scouts will go out and scavenge supplies for the Compound.

Researchers will test out zombies to find out what is the virus or and Research that you wish to go for.

And The Survivors will do almost nothing but be able to get transported to the White House. You will be rewarded if you have quite a few Survivors to send in.

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