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I have been think about how people keep saying that the big bang is a fact and that if one believes in creationism they are considered "dumb" (from a lot of my college professors), but i never found a way were a big bang could ever work. and here are my reasons why:

1. the starting point for this big bang has to be a star because a solid rock or gas planet couldn't make the stars we see today.

2. Since it is a star that means the core of this star was able to contain everything we see today and the other universes we have yet to discover.

3. when a star goes supernova it is because the core has been changed into iron and the iron takes all the energy away from the star and is blows up. So that would mean everything past iron in the periodic table couldn't exist. Right?

4. when the star goes supernova all the energy is transferred to the core so using E=MC^2. and since there was nothing but this "star" there would be no C and would be E=M. a star that size and mass should have been able to create a black hole that would suck up every little particle that could have been shot out in the explosion.

5. if they had made it past that point why are all the different galaxies a disk? if there was an explosion we should have more of a sphere shape.

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