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Bad with Games (now with less rule 5!) is a forum game-based forum game. You are bad with games. You have no excuse. You're just all around terrible and playing a completely different forum game.

1. You are not allowed to be playing the same game as the previous poster, except for "Bad with Games".
2. You cannot play a forum game that does not exist.
3. Your post should be related to the previous poster's post or the poster.
4. No long form forum games. That means no RPs, RPGs, continue the story games, etc.

Gantic: *makes first post*
Player1: You're banned for creating this forum game.
Player2: Granted, but the forum game gets deleted and there's no proof he was ever banned. I wish for a golden lollipop.
Player3: I take out a golden baby. I put in a magic wand.
Player4: I break the vending machine and take your wand and use it against you. My Hill.
Player5: I'm too tired to even try reading your username, Popper4.
Player6: I got insomnia!

You do not need to link to the forum game. The links are just examples of forum games. These are not the only forum games you can also be playing.

()_() Gantic has taken over this thread.
(-ò_ó) Long live the Rabbit King!
o(")_(") Great is the White One!

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