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So while in Forum Games the past few of days..I noticed that a recently joined (in the Forum Games sectoin..not AG in general) has been posting quite a lot (not spam). Now, this isn't the, the problem is like how it says in the title.

Thkis user (ArgamenPhish) came in with about 150-ish post counts (a few days ago)..and posts primarily in the Forum Games (has posted in other sections every now and then..but not enough for a significant rise). This user now has 472 posts. But like I said..hasn't posted much of anything outside of the Forum Games section

I asked Argamen if he posted anywhere else besides the Forum Games section (I go to each I was doubting that I'd miss his posting in other sections frequently, but I just wanted to make sure)
Response: I almost solely post in forum games except a haiku entry and an armatar entry. I just post a lot and on everything. Not spam just a lot.

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