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Okay, this is a simple RPG. You can build in one of these 3 towns:
Armoria: the human town! Can't have a good game if you can't play as your own race! Well... you can, but whatever.
Felinio: cat people! Yes, the home town the kittari, where most kittari live.
Shlup: slime people! Yes, the lovable gelatinous blobby things can now be played!
Then the Character Sheet:
Level: 1
XP: 0/10
HP: 100/100
Energy: 100/100
Hunger: 50/50
Thirst: 10/10
Tools: Rubbish Axe, Rubbish Pickaxe, Blunt Saw
Weapons: Pointy Stick (1 damage)
Inventory: Flask (2 drinks), Food Pack (Apple, Baked Potato, Dried Meat), Rope
Clothes: Tatty Shirt, Rough Trousers, Worn Boots (these are optional- I mean you can walk around butt naked)
Skills: Normal Attack, Racial Skill (Kick for humans, Scratch for kittari and splatter for slimes, 5 damage for all of them but it takes 5 energy)
The Action is what you do this turn. For example: I saw a hefty branch off a tree and get myself a big club (2 damage!).
Two more things: 1) don't use anybody else's character unless they say you can and 2) this game includes PvP once you reach a certain level. Moderators, please don't lock this; if PvP is unacceptable, leave a reply and I'll remove it.

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