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Before you get into this RPG, which I promise you will enjoy, I got the idea of making this from several stuff. The Hunger Games inspired me the most since I love the books and the movie was great. I also got a little inspiration from The Maze Runner. There are several things that made me want to do this, but it actually was out of the blue, not going to lieâ¦

Anyways please read the story if you wish to participate, I know it may not be the best but it will make this RPG way better than you think. I approve of any constructive feedback if possible (On my profile) and if you donât like something just tell me. Good Luck!

STORY: Set in the year 2063, humans have always been the same, greedy and egotistical as usual, but one thing that truly hasn't changed is their need for entertainment. With so much stuff that used to be entertaining a few decades back seized to be that exactly, humans didn't know what exactly to be entertained by anymore. Now television is full of tournaments and races involving real people in real danger more than ever before, this gives a sense of thrill and excitement in the viewers and this also means big bucks for producers and directors. These shows aren't the casual low set contests you see, they involve killing to survive and fighting to the death. It kind of brings back the times for coliseums and gladiators if you think about it. It just goes to show that humans will always be the same, so much blood lust and the need for entertainment.

This brings me to a very special tournament called, ââGROUND ZEROââ. This tournament is considered to be one of the best and most watched of this century. It consists of survival mostly, but itâs all twisted. With monsters, obstacles and with even the players having to fear each other it is one of the most intense and suspenseful tournaments of all time. It is located on an island, location which is unknown, which is covered by a dome. This cannot be seen by satellite because all governments have blocked off its view to the public. This dome is used to create the biomes inside of this tournament; the players have to go through weather changes that can be disastrous, even tornadoes have been seen in this tournament. They also have to go through different terrains such as deserts, glaciers, mountains, etc.

GETTING STARTED: [Big AD on TV and Billboards] Hello, I am Albern, your host for this yearâs Ground Zero! This year since we are choosing the USA to be part of it, I have come to New York to find enlistees! If you wish to sign up you must travel to the Big Apple and go to the ''Core'', only a handful will be picked to partake in this yearâs Ground Zero so be sure to be thorough with your application seeing as how we will only be picking who we think will be best for this year. Good luck and to all a prosperous journey!



*3 or 5 Groups, each group has 2 players. (So it will be 10 players max, but anyone can apply)

*Players are selected by how well they construct their application.

*Players will be put in randomly into the teams.

*Players who have died can participate in the next tournament with a new name but they have less possibility of getting in.

*Anyone can sign up but only a handful will be chosen. (Please do not be mad if you are not picked, I can only handle a certain amount of people, please understand that. Plus I want this to feel like an actual tournament and there will be several more tournaments, this is just the first.)

*This RPG is special; it actually consists of a group winning. (Currently there is no prize, I was thinking maybe something you could put on your profile or something, Iâll think of something.)

*Once the flame is lit you must start. (Basically itâs when I start it and tell people what to do and how to start it off.)

*Only players that are in the same group can talk to each other, but everyone may address to me. Now, how you will talk to your partner is up to you, I suggest not through here though.

*If in any way I catch you cheating, you and you alone will be disqualified and sent to the pit, where you will die a painful and agonizing death. Please do not cheat it could put your partner in a bad position and could cause him his death as well.

*Only I decide what happens to the group and players. You cannot say anything that will be in your favor, for example you cannot say: ââI walked forward and I jumped the gapââ The right way of putting it would be: ââI walked forward and I attempt to jump the gap.ââ Also please donât be dull (lack of creativity) and you must use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling if you wish to get into the Core.

*Groups do not decide in groups on most situations, I will most likely almost always split you up, the only reason you are in groups is so you do not kill each other. Oh that's another thing it is illegal to kill your partner, if you even try to do it I will immediately send you to the pit.

*IMPORTANT: The application sheet is not the same as the sheet you use in the actual RPG. There is only some stuff you use and some stuff will be added to the Character Sheet. I will instruct everyone on what to put.

*IMPORTANT: Any criticism should be posted onto my profile comments not here, this is to avoid any confusion and to not cause such a mess in this thread so to keep it clean and neat.


*Name: (Please make up a name, be creative)

*Age: (Between the ages of 18-25)

*Athletic Abilities: (You must choose 2 of these: Sprinter, Strength, Endurance, and Agile.) (This will basically be your only athletic abilities in the RPG. It will factor in on some situations.)

*Gender: (Male or Female, choose what you like, I hope itâs what you are in real life xD)

*Bio: (Basically your history before ââGround Zeroââ and why you wanted to enter. You may put what you wish here, just be realistic and remember to keep it in the time frame of the set year which is 2024. Do not put anything ridiculous or immature or you will not be accepted. You do not have to put anything here if you do not want to but you will have less chance of going to the Core. The more creative you are the better chance you have of getting into the Core.)

*Appearance: (This will not affect your possibility to enter but it adds to the story and gives a better image) [Eye Color] [Hair Color] [Skin Color] [Height] [Shape: I will pick your shape according to your athletic abilities so leave this blank.] (If you put anything ridiculous like green skin I will not let you participate.)

*Previous Contender: (If yes, which one, if no then just write no)
(Currently there are none since this is the first tournament, but there will be more. Just put no or your application could become null...)


All you have to do now is post the application, once I have a certain amount of people, which I will not say, I will close registration. Then I will announce when I will be starting and will message everyone on their profiles so they can get ready so please keep your comment section open, if you do not have it open I will not add you to the Core.

Please refrain from any immature and unrealistic stuff in your application cause that will result in you not being able to be put on the Core and possibly any future tournaments.

Last but not least, everyone have fun! I donât want complaining⦠Constructive criticism is fine but if it is anything but that I will send you to the pit and youâll die and be excluded from the rest of the tournament. Also, everyone will move as one, basically I mean that everyone has to enter their next move until I can give everyone the next order.

If this doesn't go well I probably wonât be making any other RPGâs so Iâll appreciate it if you guys try it out at least. Btw this is my second RPG ever so I need as much criticism possible, but only put criticism on my profile please.

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