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Why should sports have all the fun? With this fantasy superhero league, the rules are simple. You can make a team with up to 5 superheroes. If someone has already put a hero on a team, you cant have that hero on your team. No duplicates. Up to 6 teams. These teams can be either Marvel or DC. They have to be all hero or all villain. No mixing universes or good/evil such as: iron man and doctor doom, or superman and wolverine. Teams will play each other untill we can have 2 champions to play in a "superbowl". After that we will start a new season, with the winner getting first pick of characters. All battles are turn based. Here is an example of a battle:

Human torch blasts doctor octopus with fireball.

Doc ock grabs human torch

Grab fails, torch flies where doc ock cant follow. The thing steps in and clobbers doc ock.

If you understand, go ahead and make your teams. My season 1 team is:
1.spider man
2. Iron man
5.invisible woman

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