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About the world:

Welcome to the continent of Irridia. For generations the Humans of âThe Empireâ have fought the âConglomerate Of Tribesâ with the support of their allies, the Dwarves, while the Sylvan Elves fought the Dark Elves. And for generation the balance of power was intact. But then Humans and Elves allied, forming âTHE ALLIANCE OF LIGHTâ. And the balance shifted. Now on the losing side the âTribesâ and the Dark Elves formed a tedious alliance to become âTHE DUNGEONâ. The war continued. But then a new threat arises. In the east of âThe Empireâ the obscure cult of necromancers caused a cataclysm that turned vast areas of the land into swampland. Many died and the necromancers turned them into undead hordes and took over the newly formed swampland. The war effort of the âThe Empireâ shifted towards the eastern lands that were formerly theirs. âThe Dungeonâ however couldnât benefit from it as the Necromancers slowly but surely began attacking âThe Tribesâ. Now both sides fight not only each other but also a new common foe. In addition to this there are rumors of an even bigger evil slowly emerging from the north. The fate of the whole world now rests in the hands of those who decide to take up the cause and fight. The fate of the world now lies in the hands of THE HEROES OF IRRIDIA!

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