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Dead Space 3-> co-op campaign, new ''weapons bench'' with more things to collect throu-out the game and combine them with your weapon. And more horror at every corner. The game is coming out February 5, 2013.
Rated: M (ESRB rated)
Want dead space 3 trailer click the link---> .
BioShock Infinite-> The city in the sky! Amazing gameplay and a awesome trailor. New weapons and upgrades throu-out the game! Coming out
March 26, 2013.
Rated:M (ESRB rated)
Genre: Shooter
Want BioShock Infinite Trailer click the link--->
Crysis 3> Best looking shooter game is back! Amazing graphics and awesome gameplay. And now with a Compund Bow!
This game comes out February 19, 2013.
Want Crysis 3 trailor click the link--->
( I am am not a creator of any of these games)

Post comments on which one deserves to be on the top in this short list. I will be posting more games that are coming out in the near future!

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