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I have been getting into award shows recently. Must just be part of growing up or something.

Well let's get to talking about award shows!

The Oscar's are obviously coming up and the nominations have been out for a bit now. Like usual I have never heard of most of the movies. Still, I made predictions on who would win. So what do you guys think of the nominations and who do you think or want to win?

Also the Golden Globes just happened. Honestly off the top of my head I cannot tell you who won. I know that Affleck won for best director for Argo. I also know that Jennifer Lawerence won something, Best Leading Actress? Speaking of Jen I loved her dress. No I am not gay, guys can like dresses too. Unless it was J.Lo's dress. It was horrible.

So anyway discuss awards that are coming up or were given just awhile ago!

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