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Well,we all know some of the members left AG,I will be one of those.Like I said,this "Quests" thingy is giving me a headache and there aren't AP anymore and I can't unlock anymore.I just unlocked bad armatars and I'm getting kinda bored of AG.And there's two crutial things too,school and stuff.
I know there aren't many my quotes,so here's a one quote:
[i]You get AG account once,you live your life several times(Reincarnation guys,Reincarnation) but all humans have a common thing,we all do something till the that day when you say:"It's enough.".Everlasting rainbow starts to fade,the darkest parts of the planet are suddenly colurful and oldest people are energetic.We only have one AG,one Kongregate,one Newgrounds and one Miniclip,but they all have the same thing,they don't last forever."-Your beloved Gandalf.Bye guys!But it all isn't black,I'll sometimes check what you're doing,you know,to check what's cookin'.

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