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I always enjoyed games like Fall Out were there was complex ways to build characters. I want to design the ultimate character stats for a real life game, aka no magic. How would you translate real attributes to DnD style points?

I want your help. Post what you think would be a good stat, explain it, and it might fit into the master list.

Endurance - How long you can withstand effort. ie.: How long you can run, how long you can hold your breath, how much damage your body can take befor you stop.

Mind - How strong your mind is. ie.: How much stress can you handle. How much sleep do you need. How well you perform while tired. How fast you learn.

Wit - How clever you are. ie.: How fast you can think. How good you are at talking to others. How good you are tactically. How quick you are to resort to violence

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Sounds like you should take a look at DnD's character sheets, and perhaps White Wolf's as well.
The latter has a "Hello, you are a regular human in a crapsack world"-game, and thus has stats like stamina, composure and resolve among others.
This site has a good selection of the various character sheets. What you would be looking for is the NWoD/NWoD selection in the menu. The game itself is also alright when it comes to games set in a contemporary world.

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