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it's the 8th century AD, britain is in an upheaval, all the various tribes are warring with each other. the various tribes are in a near constant state of warring, and bands of thieves and brigands around and even Germanic pirates pillaging around the coasts. You can be anything really, a trader, a general, a brigand, but you have to work up to it.


Name: Irish, Breton, Roman, or Celtic works best
Physical Desc.: at least three
Trait: from the above, i make
Bio: at least 3 sentences
Perk: from above, i make
Weapon: Short Seaxe
Armor: Cloak
Misc.: 5 items of your choice, no weapons or armor
Health: 100/100
Armor Durability: 10/10
Condition: Fine
Troops: You
Morale: 100%
Condition: Eager

there, remember that i will place you depending on your bio, so specify where you originate please

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